Our Monthly Promo for May of 2024 features our JURA Z10

While the weather outside bounces around from COLD to HOT, rest assured that the JURA Z10 gives you the option for both at the simple touch of the screen!

The groundbreaking Z10 with P.R.G. for hot and cold brew specialty coffees.

A masterpiece of Swiss engineering, the new Z10 doubles the range of specialty coffees. At the touch of a button it prepares the full spectrum of hot drinks from intense espresso to on-trend flat white. It also opens up a whole new dimension in the enjoyment of coffee with the introduction of cold brew specialties. This is made possible thanks to the Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.), which recognizes the chosen specialty and instantly and precisely adjusts the fineness of grind accordingly.

In addition, JURA has developed the pioneering Cold Extraction Process – a quite literally refreshing innovation. In this process, cold water is slowly pulsed through the freshly ground coffee under high pressure. The result is a completely new way of experiencing coffee – refreshing, energizing and with a wonderfully balanced aroma.

This outstanding premium coffee machine features a double-speed 4.3” touch display and the Blue Crystal Rotary Switch. Thanks to the Specialty Selection menu, it's exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. The technological quantum leap is also reflected in the sculptural design. The convex-concave front panel is visible proof of the attention to detail and absolute manufacturing precision. Its high quality makes the Z10 a statement of excellent taste.

For the month of May, buy the Z10 and receive a FREE Starter Kit that includes the following:

1 JURA 1L Cool Control ($450.00 value)
1 JURA Smart Care Kit ($149.95 value)

You save $599.95

This promotion is only valid while supplies last. It cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or discounts. Only valid from May 1 to May 31, 2024. Only applicable to machines sold at MSRP. Pricing and availability may be subject to change without notice. Prices shown do not include sales tax.

Jura Z10 May 2024 Promotion

Jura Z10 May 2024 Promotion

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