D60GT52A032 1500 / 3000W 120 / 220V 12.5 / 13.6A 2 / 3W+G
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D60GT52A032 1500 / 3000W 120 / 220V 12.5 / 13.6A 2 / 3W+G

Electronic control panel with a wide variety of settings so you can fine-tune the brewing process to your liking.

Quick and easy setup process thanks to the G3 Third Generation control panel's "Brew by Volume" option;
Customisable access code. The LCD can be set up to display a phone number for assistance and service, as well as your company's name;
Designed with as few parts as possible for a lowered maintenance cost and a lighter inventory for technicians.

CAD $1,573.00 /ea
    • ea



Master carton

1 per box

Brew capacity

1.9 Liters


Dual voltage

Electrical specification

1450w/120v (12.1A), 2900w/220v (13.19A)

Brew / Hour

15 liters/Hr. 30 liters/Hr

Why are my machine’s indicator lights all off?

Make sure that your machine is connected to a power source and that the circuit breaker is not blown. Some machines are equipped with a main switch that completely shuts off power. It is usually located at the back of the machine. Make sure the switch is set to ON.

What are the main features of refurbished machines?

Every piece of equipment refurbished by Guertech goes through the same process. First, all pieces are taken apart and cleaned. Stainless steel parts are also polished to bring back their original appearance.

The equipment is then re-assembled in our workshop. We carefully replace all seals, valves and decals that are not optimally functioning. Water tanks are cleaned and decalcified, and become like new. Every piece that doesn’t correspond to the highest standard is replaced. Each machine is then tested in our workshop.

Refurbished items are highly reliable and covered by a 90-day workshop warranty.

At a fraction of the cost of a new machine, refurbishing your equipment will ensure a great return on investment!

I acquired a dual voltage piece of equipment (110 / 220 volts) but the power cord is missing. Is this normal?

Both new and used dual voltage machines (110 / 220 volts) are sold without power cord and without electric plug. There are several types of connectors. Please refer to the NEMA electric plug chart to determine which model will fit your needs.

How often should I clean my coffee machine?

A machine, carafe or thermos should be regularly cleaned. A quick and simple daily cleanup will be sufficient to avoid build-up of a deposit. The more deposit, the harder the cleaning process will be. Use a cloth to clean the exterior of your carafe as well as the nozzle, above the filter basket.

To clean the basket, thermos and carafe, you may use pockets of CDCC cleaning agent. It is easy to use and very efficient: drop a CDCC pocket in the basket and proceed through the infusion process without filter and without coffee. The combination of hot water and the cleaning agent will provide an excellent result. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then rub the inside walls of your thermos or carafe, and rinse thoroughly.

We recommend that you leave the cleaning of the tank of your coffee machine to a specialist, such as Guertech.

We use a powerful decalcifying agent, which will make your tank shine like brand new. The frequency of such a cleaning process will vary depending on the quality of your water. In this regard, we offer preventive evaluations of your equipment to help identifying any irregularity.

While my coffee brews, it spills over the filter and grains of ground coffee get in my thermos or carafe. What should I do?

First, double-check that you are using the correct filter, as recommended by the manufacturer of your coffee machine. The appropriate nozzle must also be used and properly mounted.

The next step is to verify the amount of coffee that should be used. If you use too much coffee, the brewing process may accelerate to the point of spilling, because too much water is injected, which cannot drain at sufficient speed through the filter and into your carafe or thermos.

The type of ground coffee and the water temperature can both contribute to spilling and should be verified.

If your equipment allows impulsion brewing, you may try increasing the duration of the intervals.

Decaffeinated coffee is always harder to brew. It tends to float considerably more than regular coffee.

Please contact our technical service team if the problem still occurs after you have made these verifications.

Why is it recommended to use a water filtration system for my coffee equipment?

Your coffee contains 98% of water. The higher the water quality, the better the quality of the coffee. The use of a filtration system will reduce the amount of calcium deposit in your tank, thus reducing maintenance costs caused by service calls related to several types of problems such as variable water levels, inadequate water and coffee temperature, or even irregular taste of the coffee.

By using a water filtration system, you will benefit in two ways — increasing the quality of your product while reducing maintenance cost.

What is the recommended water pressure when using an automatic coffee machine?

When using automatic machines, the recommended water pressure varies from 20 to 90 PSI. A 1-gallon/minute (GPM) water discharge rate is also required. It is not recommended to utilize an automatic water pressure valve to feed your coffee maker. It will considerably reduce your water pressure and flow rate.

We can provide at any time all fittings required to connect your coffee machine.

How much coffee should I use when brewing 12 or 48 cups?

To brew 12 cups of fresh and tasty beverage, use between 1.4 and 2.5oz of coffee. For 48 cups, we usually recommend to use 8oz or 227g of coffee.

This information is for reference only and may vary depending upon the quality and taste that you wish to obtain.

For further instructions, refer to your coffee merchant or to the instructions printed on the packaging.

I can’t connect my automatic machine to a water source. What can I do?

In order to properly clean the filter-holder you need to:

If you are unable to connect your machine to a water line, you may use certain pumps that can be used in combination with a standard portable 18L tank. Those pumps are the same as the ones used with water coolers. The pump may supply the water to your coffee machine.

What is the best ratio water / powder to serve an exquisite hot chocolate beverage?

The usual ratio is 7oz. of water for 18g of chocolate powder. This is for your information only as the volume may vary from product to product.

Certain parameters of your machine may influence the ratio. By performing tests using different quantities, you’ll obtain the desired taste. We can help you programming your machine if needed.

Please bear in mind that using too much chocolate powder may result in clogging of your machine’s tubes. A cleaning would then be required.

To what water temperature should I set my commercial coffee machine tank to optimally brew my coffee?

Brewing a good coffee requires a temperature of 203°F. The temperature can be regulated using a mechanical or digital internal thermostat, or by changing the temperature parameter in the program of the machine (provided this technology is available, e.g. with Wilbur Curtis products).

Can I use the water tap of my machine while brewing coffee?

Certain models operate with a valve specifically used for brewing coffee. With those models, you may use the water tap without altering the volume of coffee.

With models using a water line heated by a double boiler, using the tap while brewing coffee will influence the coffee volume.