Eureka Atom 60E On-Demand Commercial Grinder Chrome
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Eureka Atom 60E On-Demand Commercial Grinder Chrome

Eureka Atom 60is a very fast and nearly-silent compact, on-demand espresso grinderfor light commercial use, with a cast aluminum body, and  available in 4colour/finish choices. Atom’s programmable dosesettings (for a single or double shot) are easily adjusted “on the fly”and its doser-less design allows you to grind coffee directly into yourportafilter, minimizing the amount of coffee grounds left-over betweenshots (or *add the patented “Blow-Up” System for ensuring 100% of thegrounds are expelled and for easier cleaning). It has a work-light, acommercial motor, large 60mm burrs, micrometric grind adjustments (todial in that perfect grind), and compact hopper to complete the package.

Suitable for: low volume locations,higher-volume decaf or secondary coffee grinding, specialty coffeeshops, restaurants, hotels, demanding professionals, locations with lessexperienced baristas

CAD $1,195.00 /ea
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  • On-Demand style grinder quickly grinds fresh coffee for every shot, directly into portafilter for fast dosing

    • Sound-dampening design means extremely quiet operation

    • ACE System (Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity) dispenses grounds into a very neat cone-shaped pile for more consistent dosing with no static fly-away

    • Amount of coffee is programmed by time (to 1/20 second) for a single or double shot, and can be instantly changed at any moment, and has stop & go feature

    • LCD display keypad also allows for manual grinding/dosing, locking of programmed doses, usage counters and brightness setting

    • LED above grinder’s chute gives Barista full visibility of grind adjustment and grounds filling the portafilter, even in low light

    • Hands-free operation – portafilter sits in a size-adjustable rest, and the grind-on-demand feature dispenses grounds directly into portafilter, or the removable grounds bin

    • Optional patented “Blow-Up” System ensures 100% of the grounds are expelled (*zero-retention) and makes cleaning easy (adds 2″ to height)

    • Micrometric grind adjustment means infinite and accurate grind settings

    • Bean hopper holds 500g, is removable for cleaning coffee oils, and has a closer so it can be removed with beans inside

    • Lower volume grinder runs fast at about 3 seconds per single shot

    • Powerful 450 watt silent regulated motor with a capacitor (starter) instantly generates strong and stable power

    • High torque motor and 60mm burrs allow for fast and silent grinding at 1350 RPMs, and less static or damage to coffee oils

    • Carbon steel burrs will grind 1000lbs/450kg before requiring replacement
  • Burrs: 60mm  |  Bean Hopper: 500g removable with closer

    Finishes: black, white, red or chrome  |  Weight: 8kg/18lb

    Height: 44cm/17.25”  |  Width: 18cm/7”  |  Depth: 23cm/9”